Whether Windows update is broken, the Microsoft Store won’t open or your OS for whatever reason has gone corrupt, doing a repair install is your best option short of a complete OS reinstall from bootable media. A repair install sometimes called an in-place upgrade will download a fresh copy of the latest version of Windows 10 and install it right over your old install thus repairing all broken Windows components without touching programs or files

  1. Download the media creation tool

The media creation tool has three functions, it can download a Windows 10 ISO, create a Windows 10 USB or in-place upgrade a PC to the latest version of Windows 10. To download the tool simply go to Microsoft’s Download Windows 10 page and select “Download tool now”

  1. Agree to the licence terms
  1. Select “Upgrade This PC”
Depending on the speed of your internet connection it may take a while to download Windows 10
  1. Select Install
  1. Finishing Up

Assuming everything went well your PC will complete the install of Windows 10 and you should be able to login. Lastly be sure to click “Check for Updates” in Windows Update a few times to make sure everything is up to date with the latest security and quality patches

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